For Purpose is Ireland’s standalone graduate programme for the not-for-profit sector.

For Purpose has been established to provide a unified graduate programme for the not-for-profit sector in order to attract, develop and retain talented graduates with the aim of supporting them to become the sectors future leaders.

For Purpose provides organisations with access to a pool of highly capable and ambitious graduates who want to pursue a career and make an impact in the not-for-profit sector. The programme is viewed by graduates as a credible route into the sector which offers them the opportunity to develop the skills they require to advance in their not-for-profit careers. Graduate trainees receive one-to-one monthly mentoring sessions from experienced leaders in the sector in addition to attending roundtable sessions covering a range of areas, from governance and communications to the role of the not-for-profit sector in society.

The programme offers graduate traineeships in a number of areas which are determined based on the needs of For Purpose partner organisations. Graduates apply to strands available on the programme and undergo a screening process, candidates who are successful at screening stage then progress to an interview with the For Purpose team. Following on from this, candidates are are matched with For Purpose partner organisations for an interview panel with the organisation.

For Purpose also offers graduate opportunities on a rolling basis for organisations who have an immediate need for a graduate resource.

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Have a look at what some of our graduates have to say about the programme.

The For Purpose programme is project managed by 2into3, a  consultancy who are focused solely on addressing the challenges of not-for-profit organisations.